Super Dank

At HopCat, we love to celebrate our family, so it’s only appropriate we celebrate the very distinguished family of Cannabaceae. This family has only two members, Cannabis(hemp/weed) and Humulus(hops), who have made quite a name for themselves in modern times.

Join us Monday, April 20, for our Super Dank event where we'll showcase some of the hoppiest and dankest IPA's we can get our hands on. CLICK HERE for more details.


It isn't just a 14-letter word

We're serious about our role as conscientious business owners, constantly looking for ways we can be better stewards of our environment. We recycle or compost most of our waste, reducing the amount of trash going to landfills and incinerators by 90 percent. We also strive to source food and products from companies with similar commitments.

Voted "Top of the Town" 3 times!

TOTPNGThanks to our customers' votes, HopCat - East Lansing received Top of the Town Awards in 2014 for:

• Best New Restaurant
• Best Craft Beer
• Best Fries (Crack Fries!)

in CityPulse, and WLNS.