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HopCat Beer Right Meow


Born in Beer City, Brewed in the Motor City

Beer Right Meow was an American IPA that practically purred in your mouth. Developed at HopCat's in-house brewery in Grand Rapids and brewed under our supervision for distribution by Brew Detroit, this delicious, limited-run craft beer connected Beer City and the Motor City unlike any other. During 2016-17 Beer Right Meow could be found on tap at HopCat locations in Michigan and in your favorite craft beer bars and at retailers throughout Michigan.

While Beer Right Meow is no longer available for retail purchase and distribution throughout Michigan, our small-batch brewery at the original HopCat in Grand Rapids does make an occassional batch. Check out our house-made beers online at http://www.hopcat.com/beer/grand-rapids


Beer Right Meow