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Cosmik Fries

cosmik fries


Meet the new fries, same as the old fries. As we unveil our updated menus for 2019, we are excited to announce the new name we’re giving our beloved, nationally recognized fries. Envelope, please...Say hello to HopCat’s Cosmik Fries!

cosmik fries

Do they look familiar? They’ll taste familiar, too. That’s because other than the name, nothing about our fries has changed. They’re still beer-battered and sprinkled with our signature cracked black pepper seasoning. They’re still served with a side of warm cheese sauce for dipping. They’re still available in their enhanced Loaded, Sloppy and Vladimir Poutine forms. And they’ll still go great with your favorite craft beer, burgers, sandwiches, cocktails, late-night rendezvous, great first dates, not-great first dates, playoff games, drinks after a tough day, work lunches gone off the rails, Sunday fun-days, holiday weekends, you get the idea.

So what’s with “Cosmik?” Glad you asked! Our spell-check isn’t broken. One of the pillars of HopCat is the love and celebration of music, and several of our restaurants are decorated with artistic renderings of some of our favorite artists. Our founder, Mark, is a big Frank Zappa fan, and one of his classic songs, “Cosmik Debris,” mentions “the oil of Aphrodite” and “the dust of the grand wazoo.” We’ve yet to incorporate these ingredients into our seasoning, but you never know what the future holds. 

We hope you’ll stop by soon and enjoy an order of the fries you’ve loved. There’s a great opportunity coming up, as each HopCat location celebrates the restaurant family’s 11th anniversary on Saturday, Jan. 19th, with great beer lists and our traditional Fries Eating Contest. The winner at each location will compete for a $2,000 grand prize at the Michigan Summer Beer Festival in Ypsilanti, Mich., in July. Also, eternal glory. See you soon!