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HopCat - Chicago opens big
| October 4, 2016
Video, Chicago, Grand Opening

We had so much fun at our opening of HopCat - Chicago in the the Lincoln Park neighborhood. We hope you enjoy this video recap of the celebration. Find out more about HopCat - Chicago at

Special thanks to Heaters, the band which provides the awesome soundtrack for this video.

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By drinking with us, you make soil
By, Autumn Sands, Sustainability Manager | October 4, 2016
Sustainability, compost

The Positive End Product 

Did you know an average of 25-30% of our total waste stream is turned into healthy, nutrient-dense soil? How do we do this? Composting! Composting, nature’s way of recycling, is the natural decomposition of organic materials - such as leaves, grass, fruit and vegetable scraps. The positive end product, nutrient-rich soil, greatly benefits our environment by returning nutrients back to plants, and back into our food system. 

We compost all spent grain from our brewing operations, all kitchen scraps, napkins, paper towel, and any of the left over food that you don’t eat as well. We also purchase compostable products made from plants, such as wheat straw and sugarcane including: our to-go containers, cups, and cutlery. Unlike petroleum-based plastics or Styrofoam - which never fully break down and can last in our environment for thousands of years - compostable products are designed to break down quickly and can turn back into soil within 180 days or less.

So, why do we do this?

It's easy to mistake soil for just dirt, but if we didn’t have soil we wouldn’t have food to eat or fresh water to drink. We tend to think of soil as a renewable resource, one that is constantly being replenished by the natural decomposition of organic matter. However, it takes planet Earth about 500 years to replenish a single inch of topsoil. By composting our food scraps, coffee grounds, paper and compostable products, yard clippings, and other organic matter – instead of letting them rot in the landfills or be burned in incinerators - we are helping the Earth in countless ways, and allowing it to continue its natural cycle of replenishing this invaluable resource.

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Relive HopCat - Louisville's grand opening
Chris Knape | August 26, 2016

If you didn't get a chance to join us at our opening of HopCat - Louisville, you missed a great party. We put together this little video with some help from our friends at and the Hot Wires.


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