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This is why HopCat uses compostable straws

Friday, August 11, 2017

At HopCat, we're passionate about the environment and the world around us. A crucial component of HopCat's Sustainability Program is the effort to eliminate different types of unnecessary waste, some of which are so common in America that most people probably don't think about them. Consider, for instance, the plastic drink straw.

It is estimated that Americans dispose of a mind boggling half-billion straws everyday. Conservationists say plastic straws are among the kinds of plastic waste most commonly removed from beaches, along with bottle caps, cups and plastic bags. A widely circulated Washington Post story from earlier this summer highlights a growing movement to eliminate plastic straws altogether. The story also includes a heartbreaking viral video of a marine biologist removing a plastic straw from a sea turtle's nose. I’m not crying…YOU’RE crying.

The Plastic Pollution Coalition says about 1,800 restaurants and organizations around the world have stopped or significantly reduced their use of plastic straws. The Post story spotlights groups such as Straw Free and the Last Plastic Straw that are at the forefront of this movement, as well as entrepreneurs who are selling reusable straws made of materials like stainless steel or bamboo. Thanks to activist efforts, restaurants in Miami, New York, London and several other places have collectively agreed to eliminate plastic straws or withhold them until requested.

We also know some people don't want straws -- even compostable ones. We are always happy to bring you your soft drink or cocktail without a straw. Please do not hesitate to ask for it that way.

All of our HopCat locations use compostable straws, as well as to go boxes, cups, bowls, and ramekins that are made from renewable resources and plants, designed to break down quickly and turn back into soil within a matter of months in a commercial composting facility. We're happy to do our small part to rid the world of plastic straws. Meanwhile, you can read more about our company's sustainability efforts here.