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Light beer drinkers are welcome at HopCat, too

Joe Sonheim, BarFly Ventures Director of Marketing
Monday, July 15, 2019
Light Beer

Beer MeThe next time you stop into HopCat, you may notice that we’ve expanded our beer selection to include a few light beers. The reason we have introduced these brews (about 3% of our total beer list) is because of consumer demand. More than drinking the beers that we love, we want to make sure any guest coming in our doors can find the beer that THEY love.

We don’t expect everyone to love craft beers at first taste. When I first started drinking beer I believed PBR was the “proof God loves us and wants us to be happy” and Founders Porters tasted like week old licorice (I’ve grown, Founders. I love you!!) However, the more I spent time in Michigan breweries like Vivant, Grand Rapids Brewing Company, White Flame, Green Bush, and many more, I quickly converted to the creative craft community.

We believe there are many people out there like early 20s Joe that pledge allegiance to Miller Lite simply because they’ve never tried Huma Lupa Licious. That’s why you’ll NEVER have one of our amazing HopCat team members judge anyone for their beer purchase but, if you’re interested, they would be happy to make a great recommendation based off your personal taste. Big fan of Bud? You might enjoy Waypost Brewing Co’s “Table Beer” Blonde. Parched for PBR? Try a sample of Perrin’s “Gold.”

If you’d like to chat more about craft beer, hit me up at Or, better yet, we can grab a pint. If it’s a short conversation, I’ll have an Apex Predator Saison. If we’re hanging out for a while, I’ll have a couple of PBRs.