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About Madison

HopCat was envisioned, designed, stocked, and staffed with one mission in mind: To bring you great beer. What is great beer? It's a beer made with care and pride. It might be a local beer or one from across the globe. It could be your usual pint, or a beer that you had no idea existed. Every once in a while, it's a beer you never would have ordered but for the fact that your server or bartender suggested it.


Since opening our Grand Rapids location in January 2008, we've been on an unending quest to ensure that our beer selection is the best in the world. We’re listed as one of the Top 50 bars in the US by Draft Magazine. But that’s just the start: Beer Advocate Magazine has ranked us as the #3 Beer Bar in the world, CraftBeer.com has rated us the #2 beer bar in the U.S., and in 2012 and 2013 RateBeer.com ranked HopCat - Grand Rapids as the #1 Brewpub in the United States. We’re humbled by the response that craft beer lovers all over the world have shown to our philosophy, and are truly grateful for the simple fact that we are lucky enough to be located in the Midwest, where craft beer is way of life.

At HopCat Madison we offer Wisconsin's largest selection of craft beer on 130 taps. Our Local 30 features only the best examples of Wisconsin-made beers from a variety of of breweries representing the most popular styles. Our rotating 100 taps feature beers from Wisconsin and elsewhere around the world. Often these are seasonal beers, one-offs or just something unusual we were able to bring to you. We don't carry any macro beers like Miller, Bud or Coors, but we're happy to help drinkers of those beers discover something they'll love from the world's best craft breweries. We do have one "lawn mower" tap, which is usually something like PBR.

If you're not in the mood for a beer, you can get a glass of wine, hard cider, mead or a cocktail from our full bar. We also offer Pepsi products and, usually, a root beer on tap.

Under 21 and Smoking

HopCat welcomes people under age 21 until 9 p.m.. We ask anyone inside who is under 21 to leave by 10 p.m.. HopCat has a zero-tolerance policy for underage drinking. We do not permit people under age 21 to drink with their parents or guardians. Anyone caught sharing or providing a beverage to someone under 21 will be asked to leave.

Please note that you cannot smoke anywhere on our property.


We're pretty biased, but we think HopCat is a pretty awesome place to work. If you're interested in joining the team at one of our locations, stop by or send us your resume and a cover letter with the subject line indicating the location you're interested in working at to jobs@barflyventures.com. To view our current openings, visit our Jobs page at hopcat.com/jobs.